Epic visit to the little Venice of India

Epic visit to the little Venice of India When one imagines Rajasthan ,flashes of sandy dunes of Bikaner and Jaisalmer, rocky Jodhpur and mountaineous kumbhalgarh …

Pictures of Ageless Moms and Their Daughters

Ageless Moms: Mothers are precious; they selflessly give their best to their kids. Even with all their responsibilities, these ladies have defied the law of aging and sustained a youthful look that you can hardly tell they are posing with their daughters.

20 Most Beautiful Americant Female Celebrities

There are a million and one reasons why so many americant celebrities have enchanted the world. Their voices seduce us, their acting talents make us fall in love with them and their passion in sports takes our breath away. Although there are thousands of famous americant women who shine in their own surroundings, we narrowed it down to the twenty brightest and most beautiful stars who left the whole world speechless.

History Top 20 Richest NFL Quarterbacks

Football players attract millions of fans in various places in the U.S. The best in the game have earned their dues and become wealthy. They have even invested in multiple ventures. Below are the top 20 richest NFL quarterbacks.