Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 40 Pictures


Giving birth

Women in labor are the greatest superheroes. Many of them enter into a different state of mind during the contractions, to announce ‘it’s time’ when they feel they and the baby are both ready. Dads are an asset in the delivery room, they provide important support to the woman doing the greatest part of the job. And they never forget the experience of their kids’ birth.

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20 Exquisite Photos of Different Breeds of Horses

They may mean different things to various people, but either way, horses are incredible animals. You may be rearing one for travel, fun, riding, or as a pet. You can treasure moments with your loved horse by taking photos like the one below.

Incredible Photos of Me and My Cardboard Cutouts at Sunset

When I am free, I unwind by posing for photos with my cutout cardboards when the sun is setting. The outcome is amazing photos that depict various images. Enjoy the magic of some of those moments.

Pictures of My Husband Has Our Labrador Striking the Same Pose in Each Trip We Took

I am Andreea Strineholm, a visual artist and a wife. My husband and I own a lovely golden Labrador named Ronja.
However, we had to part ways as we had to take her to live with another family. Though sad, we had the best memories when we went together to Sweden. Here are the lovely photos.