30 Of The Oldest Women In History To Have Given Birth


17. Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Spanish lady born in 1940 gave birth to her twin boys, Christian and Pau in 2006, at the age of 66. The babies were conceived via IVF with the help of donated eggs. She was so dedicated to have a baby that she sold her house in Spain to pay for the procedure, and she also deceived the doctors about her actual age. She was not worried about raising the kids, because she hoped to inherit her mother’s genes, who lived to the age of 101. Unfortunately she died 3 years later.


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Tori Roloff is known for her reality TV show called Little People, Big World. When she gave birth to his son, she realized that the newborn was just like his father, who was also diagnosed with dwarfism. However, she was never worried about the situation. All she wanted was good health for her son. She had no idea this was the beginning of her troubles.