20 Most Beautiful Americant Female Celebrities

20 Most Beautiful Americant Female Celebrities

There are a million and one reasons why so many americant celebrities have enchanted the world. Their voices seduce us, their acting talents make us fall in love with them and their passion in sports takes our breath away. Although there are thousands of famous americant women who shine in their own surroundings, we narrowed it down to the twenty brightest and most beautiful stars who left the whole world speechless.

20. Noemie Lenoir

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If there is a name that made an impact in the world of fashion and cosmetics in recent years, then that name is Noemie Lenoir. The 32-year-old top model from France has represented brands such as Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal, GAP and, thanks to her beauty and talent, she also managed to make a name for herself in the world of cinematography. Her biggest film role was alongside Jackie Chan and Chris Turner in the famous movie Rush Hour, after having already starred in one of Usher’s most famous music videos.

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