10 Celebrity Makeup Tips from the Red Carpet

10 Celebrity Makeup Tips from the Red Carpet

Celebrities always look perfect. Or at least they do when they wear flawless makeup on the red carpet: luminous, youthful skin, perfectly arched brows and plump lips. Of course they don’t do their own makeup, they have celebrity makeup artists to make them look wonderful. We have listened to their tips, so that we can apply them in our makeup routines and look like A-listers.

1. The Right Direction of Applying Lipstick

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We could think applying lipstick is no rocket science, but for maximum smoothness of application it has to be done properly. First you must exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or with a simple dry toothbrush. You must use a lip balm as the next step to moisturize your lips. This ensures your lipstick will look smooth.

Lipliner is the tool you have to use next, and after drawing the perfect line on the edges of your lips, you can apply lipstick. The right direction to do this is starting from the center, going gradually outwards. This way you can prevent going outside the pre-drawn lines, and give more body and definition to the center of your lips.

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