18 Encouraging Pictures That Will Spread Very Positive Vibes In Your Mind


#07- Ryan Moon and Haley Smith


Ryan Moon and Haley Smith met 3½ years ago when working as clerks at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines. So it only makes sense that the young couple from West Des Moines got engaged standing in front of where it all began. And to their surprise, a hidden shape — so powerful, yet so simple — can be easily seen in one of their engagement photos: A heart. – Moon thought it was really cool and thought it would be nice to share online, so he posted it to Reddit. His “notifications blew out of the water” shortly after as it continued to spread online. – Thousands of comments — from fellow Iowans and strangers — congratulated Moon, 26, and Smith, 25, on their engagement. Hundreds of others shared similar engagement stories as well those who said “real love exists” and “this gives me faith in love.” – “It’s really surreal to hear that from strangers,” Moon said.

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