Life and love is different before and after 30. Or is it just your point of view?


04. How to say „I love you” before and after 30?

Photo Credit: helloindigo

Love without sweet love messages? No way, if you are under 30! Those messages, e-mails and words whispered to your ears mean everything! After 30 it’s more your actions that tell your partner about your love: caring for his lunch or buying his favourite ice-cream speak more than a thousand words

Father Took Pictures of His Son and Beagle Every Month for the Last Three Years in the Same Chair

Timothy Jones, a photographer and a dad, has documented memories of his son and family dog from his baby moments. He started taking monthly pictures of Stanley and Jasper their beagle from his first month. Below are some of the photos showing Stanley’s fantastic transformation during the first three years of his life.

15 Types of Women That Men Do Not Want to Marry

Getting married is one of the life decisions that are not quickly reversed. For you to marry the best woman, you should take your time and marry someone after carefully considering your time to study him or her. As a man, make sure that you stay careful and avoid marrying the following types of women.

Funny Cats Posing Like Pin Up Girls

1. I sure want to cuddle someone after seeing this. Lol. Well, the half-naked lady can sure drive some emotions all around you. The Kitty does not want to be left out. Although not as comforting as having those boobs and smooth skin on the tree but Hey! Do not judge the poor Kitty. In…